High Purity Water for Paper Manufacturing

This 2-Pass Reverse Osmosis System produces high-purity water for a paper manufacturing company. The 2nd pass of this system was installed on top of the first pass system to save floor space.


Pre-Treatment for Reverse Osmosis

This Ultrafiltration system pre-treats surface water for subsequent treatment by Reverse
Osmosis at an automobile tire manufacturing facility. This system an automatic clean-in- place system and touchscreen HMI.

Boiler Feed Water for Winery

This Reverse Osmosis System provides purified water to boilers at a winery. The system treats ground water high in dissolved silica. The system is specifically designed to maintain constant permeate pressure to the downstream equipment and to start and stop automatically. In the event that the feed pressure to the RO system is interrupted, the system will stop automatically and restart when feed pressure is restored.

3-Stage Reverse Osmosis for Pharmaceutical Wastewater Reclaim

This Reverse Osmosis System treats wastewater from a pharmaceutical manufacturer and reclaims water for reuse in the production process. Three different reverse osmosis systems are used to produce final permeate water of less than 3 us/cm conductivity at a recovery of more than 93%.

Reverse Osmosis for Textile Wastewater Reclaim

This Reverse Osmosis System treats wastewater from textile manufacturing and reclaims water for the textile production process. More than 70% of the wastewater is reclaimed and available for reuse. The system removes more than 95% of the dissolved solids, color, and organics present in the wastewater.

Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment for Steel Production

This custom pre-treatment skid was installed as pre-treatment for dual Reverse Osmosis
systems at a steel manufacturing facility. The pre-treatment equipment includes 10 micron bag filters and 5-micron cartridge filters. Online turbidity instrumentation continually monitors the filtered water to ensure that the RO system feed water meets specifications.