Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment for Steel Production

This custom pre-treatment skid was installed as pre-treatment for dual Reverse Osmosis
systems at a steel manufacturing facility. The pre-treatment equipment includes 10 micron bag filters and 5-micron cartridge filters. Online turbidity instrumentation continually monitors the filtered water to ensure that the RO system feed water meets specifications.


Sea Water Desalination for Island

This Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination System provides potable water for an entire island. The system features a 2-pass design that maintains consistency in the drinking water quality. The system also includes an energy recovery device to minimize the electric power consumption.

Wastewater Treatment for Surface Finishing

This Ultrafiltration System treats reclaimed wastewater produced by a surface finishing company. The system also includes two-stage reverse osmosis systems, media filtration, chemical dosing, and a clarifier. This system can recover more than 90% of the treated wastewater.