Wastewater Treatment for Surface Finishing

This Ultrafiltration System treats reclaimed wastewater produced by a surface finishing company. The system also includes two-stage reverse osmosis systems, media filtration, chemical dosing, and a clarifier. This system can recover more than 90% of the treated wastewater.

Pre-Treatment for Reverse Osmosis

This Ultrafiltration system pre-treats ground water for subsequent treatment by Reverse Osmosis at a coal-fired power plant. This system includes three separate trains installed on a single skid to provide continuous flow to the plant even when the UF membranes are backwashed.

Reclaimed Car Wash Wastewater

This Ultrafiltration System treats reclaimed wastewater generated by a commercial car wash. This system reduces the demand for city water by about 80% and reduces the disposal of wastewater. The system also includes an oil-water separator, an inclined plate clarifier, and a self-backwashing strainer.

Ultrafiltration System for Wastewater Reclaim

This Ultrafiltration (UF) system treats 50 gpm of wastewater generated by a large energy company.  The treated water is used to feed a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, thereby eliminating the need for the company to use potable water supplies to feed their RO system.